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  • we are the source

    we are the source

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  • A Prevention Program That Works

    A Prevention Program That Works

    Award-winning, innovative, and provocative, students, educators and administrators consistently evaluate The SOURCE as one of the most effective prevention programs in the nation. “In The SOURCE, young women and men can flourish emotionally, intellectually and professionally, while they simultaneously navigate the treacherous waters of inadequate sex education, underfunded and under- resourced classrooms, and vanishing arts programs.” — CUNY Graduate Research Center CUNY University New York, New York Save

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  • When the Party Ends

    When the Party Ends

    When the Party Ends (www.whenthepartyends.com) is a new, short film about a group of GLBT friends, exploring life, love, relationships, and HIV. Set in Sarasota, Florida, When the Party Ends begins as Anthony, a hip young man in his early twenties, returns home from New York after being exposed to HIV. As Anthony desperately looks for a sense of safety from his fears, he seeks out his first love, an old boyfriend from high school.

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  • The Holding Cell

    The Holding Cell

    The Holding Cell is a heart-wrenching theatre production and  film about a young girl names Sky who falls in love with a teenage drug dealer.  Exploring the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, this film is a harrowing account of teenage addiction and overdose.

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