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  • A Prevention Program That Works

    A Prevention Program That Works

    Award-winning, innovative, and provocative, students, educators and administrators consistently evaluate The SOURCE as one of the most effective prevention programs in the nation. β€œIn The SOURCE, young women and men can flourish emotionally, intellectually and professionally, while they simultaneously navigate the treacherous waters of inadequate sex education, underfunded and under- resourced classrooms, and vanishing arts programs.” — CUNY Graduate Research Center CUNY University New York, New York Save

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  • When the Party Ends

    When the Party Ends

    When the Party Ends (www.whenthepartyends.com) is a new, short film about a group of GLBT friends, exploring life, love, relationships, and HIV. Set in Sarasota, Florida, When the Party Ends begins as Anthony, a hip young man in his early twenties, returns home from New York after being exposed to HIV. As Anthony desperately looks for a sense of safety from his fears, he seeks out his first love, an old boyfriend from high school.

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