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  • We are The SOURCE!

    We are The SOURCE!

    Welcome to SOURCE Productions!  The SOURCE is an exciting, educational touring theatre and film company for young adults that has been based in Sarasota, Florida for over thirty years.  Created and produced in 1981, The SOURCE is a vital educational resource for both the local and national community.  Directed by filmmaker and screenwriter, KT Curran, The SOURCE creates innovative theatre, film and videos that directly respond to the needs of youth and young adults.  Award-winning, innovative, and provocative, students, educators […]

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  • The First Time Club

    The First Time Club

    The First Time Club is a new feature film about four teenagers on the brink of adolescence who make a vow of friendship by pricking their fingers and rubbing their blood together. The teens start a club and plan to sneak out of the house and have adventures together at midnight. Thus begins a story that takes the four friends into adolescence and the dangerous world of sex, drugs, and HIV. Their friendship is tested as each of them faces […]

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  • Surviving Lunch – a play about bullying for middle school students

    Surviving Lunch – a play about bullying for middle school students

      CURRENTLY TOURING is SURVIVING LUNCH – an innovative play about bullying for middle school students.  Commissioned by the Sarasota County Believe In All Your Possibilities Campaign, this heart wrenching  play has been seen by thousands of middle school students.  The story of Delia, a girl from New York City, who moves to a small town after her father, a teacher, is killed in a school shooting. As Delia struggles to overcome her grief and start over in the new […]

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