Plays for Teenagers

Plays by playwright, KT Curran and The SOURCE Theatre – all of our plays and films are based on true stories about real teenagers, taken from hundreds of interviews, focus groups and intimate conversations about the vital issues that impact the lives of young adults in the 21st Century.




THE HOLDING CELL is a powerful and thought-provoking story of a teenage girl named Skylar who is arrested for drug possession. The play explores the slippery slope of high risk behavior that catapults youth into tobacco and other drug abuse and addiction and is a harrowing account of the dangers of prescription and illegal drug use. This play toured to thousands of Sarasota County and Manatee County students. In 2014 The Holding Cell was made into a short film that has toured to film festivals across the United States.







Four girls seeking adventure decide to create The First Time Club. The play begins in innocent childhood and takes the girls into the age of AIDS. Their friendship is tested when one of the girls becomes HIV positive. For older middle and high school students.
Published by Dramatic Publishing 800-448-7469




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JOEL’S STORY is a powerful play for high school studentsthat examines high-risk sexual behavior and drug abuse, this hard-hitting play for high school students tells the story of two teens, Alison and Joel. Their love story is forever changed when Joel tests positive for HIV. (This play is a sequel to The First Time Club.)










The story of Delia, a girl from New York City, who moves to a small town after her father, a teacher, is killed in a school shooting. As Delia struggles to overcome her grief and start over in the new school, she notices a young boy being bullied in the hallway. Delia is determined to help the boy and in the process discovers the power of true friendship. Published by Dramatic Publishing 800-448-7469







SECRETS was written to shine a light on the hidden questions and feelings that grow into the secrets teens have regarding their sexuality. This large-cast play encourages teens to talk to responsible adults about their problems.
Published by Dramatic Publishing 800-448-7469






One of our best selling plays for upper middle and high school students, FRESHMAN YEAR poignantly deals with the complicated issue of teen pregnancy. This play tells the story of three friends whose lives are forever altered by events that occur during their freshman year of high school. The play also explores the problems of peer pressure, date rape, and sexually transmitted infections. Published by Dramatic Publishing, 800-448-7469



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Max, a pretty, eighth grade girl from a troubled family, has planned a sleep over with three girlfriends to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of high school. Complications arise when her older brother and his drunken friend crash the party. As the girls are pressured with alcohol and tobacco, they face choices that literally mean the difference between life and death., and the innocent sleep over turns into a night of tragedy. For seventh and eighth graders. Published by Dramatic Publishing 800-448-7469





READ MY LIPS is the story of a young girl named Ella who wants to be popular – no matter what price she has to pay. But after changing her entire personality in order to sit at the popular table, Ella begins to question whether being popular is worth losing herself. A play for middle school students about believing in all your possibilities and learning to handle peer pressure. (contact








THE DAY I OPENED MY EYES is hard-hitting and painfully honest, dealing with such issues as poverty, the lack of family planning in developing nations, HIV/AIDS, illegal abortion, and honor crimes. Using powerful monologues, music, dance, and larger than life photography, five teens travel on an imaginative journey into the lives of youth from different countries around the globe: Mexico, South Africa, The Netherlands, Pakistan, and Nepal. In each country a different issue surrounding global health and international family planning is spotlighted, merging emotion and politics into real life stories of youth around the world.





A heart-warming story about the friendship between Angelina, a sensitive, middle school student and Christopher, a young boy with AIDS who comes to her school. This play examines the myths and misconceptions about AIDS and offers some important truths for young people. For middle school students. (contact









This is an imaginative story about Annie, a young girl who overhears her family talking about AIDS and discovers her older brother is infected. As fear of the disease overcomes her, she imagines AIDS to be a scary monster that is stalking her. Annie learns to face her fears and becomes educated about the disease. For middle school students. Published by Eldridge Publishing





frame-000001THE GIRL I USED TO BE
A powerful play for high school students that examines the lives of several teens caught up in the drug scene. This play tells the story of a young dancer named Cassidy who’s life begins to fall apart after she falls in love with a teenage drug dealer. When Cassidy discovers her boyfriend is HIV positive she is forced to examine the choices she has made. Published by Dramatic Publishing 800-448-7469




10465437_756842571025259_6396626559986739866_oTHE TOBACCO CLUB
A play about a diverse group of teenagers in after school detention for smoking. At times funny, but always brutally honest, this story is inspired by real life stories of teenagers trying to quit smoking.
Published by Samuel French 1-866-598-8449



three beautiful girlsDEAR GOD LET ME BE POPULAR
This play is for middle school students and tells the story of several kids struggling with popularity and self-esteem. In a series of comic scenes and audience participation, the play encourages teens to make healthy decisions.
Published by Dramatic Publishing 800-448-7469








A play for high school students that explores male responsibility and teen pregnancy, PERFECT SON tells the story of Dylan, a teenage boy and his sister who are living with a single parent. When Dylan becomes involved with a troubled girl who gets pregnant he struggles to do the right thing and take responsibility. (contact








This large cast production for high school students explores some of the many difficult decisions today’s teens are face with each day. The play stresses how each decision we make affects our future. (Contact






This play for older elementary and early middle school students explores the issue of teens joining gangs. Cisco, a sixth grade boy is impressed when his older brother joins a gang. When Cisco’s brother is shot by a gang member, Cisco sees firsthand just how dangerous gangs can become.







REWIND is the story of Riley, a ninth grade girl whose parents are going through a divorce. In her pain and confusion, she is led into binge drinking by a friend and her life is turned upside down. A play for high school students about the serious consequences related to binge drinking. (Contact