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  • We are The SOURCE!

    We are The SOURCE!

    Welcome to SOURCE Productions!  The SOURCE is an exciting, educational touring theatre and film company for young adults that has been based in Sarasota, Florida for over thirty years.  Created and produced in 1981, The SOURCE is a vital educational resource for both the local and national community.  Directed by filmmaker and screenwriter, KT Curran, The SOURCE creates innovative theatre, film and videos that directly respond to the needs of youth and young adults.  Award-winning, innovative, and provocative, students, educators […]

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  • Surviving Lunch – a new film about bullying for middle and high school students

    Surviving Lunch – a new film about bullying for middle and high school students

    Gabriella, a beautiful and tough New York girl, moves to Florida with her Mom after her father is killed in a school shooting.  Trying to keep to herself and recover from her grief, Gabriella notices a boy being relentlessly bullied in the lunchroom.   Can Gabriella escape the violence and drama of her past? Save Save Save

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  • When the Party Ends

    When the Party Ends

    When the Party Ends (www.whenthepartyends.com) is a new, short film about a group of GLBT friends, exploring life, love, relationships, and HIV. Set in Sarasota, Florida, When the Party Ends begins as Anthony, a hip young man in his early twenties, returns home from New York after being exposed to HIV. As Anthony desperately looks for a sense of safety from his fears, he seeks out his first love, an old boyfriend from high school.

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  • The Holding Cell

    The Holding Cell

    The Holding Cell is a heart-wrenching theatre production and  film about a young girl names Sky who falls in love with a teenage drug dealer.  Exploring the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, this film is a harrowing account of teenage addiction and overdose.

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  • Video Productions

    Video Productions

    SOURCE PRODUCTIONS’ award-winning public service production program, creates innovative and hard-hitting commercial content that is seen by millions of young people on television, the internet, and in public schools.

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  • BOOST – A Short Film

    BOOST – A Short Film

    BOOST (BOOSTMOVIE.COM) is a new short film created by SOURCE PRODUCTIONS. Jake Peterson is a hot college guy who knows what it takes to get what he wants. He believes that sometimes you just need a little boost, whether it’s in class, at the gym, or with the ladies. But when a drug-­‐ and alcohol-­‐soaked date goes too far, word gets around campus, and pretty soon Jake is confronted with the truth of what he has done.

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