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  • The First Time Club

    The First Time Club

    The First Time Club is a new feature film about four teenagers on the brink of adolescence who make a vow of friendship by pricking their fingers and rubbing their blood together. The teens start a club and plan to sneak out of the house and have adventures together at midnight. Thus begins a story that takes the four friends into adolescence and the dangerous world of sex, drugs, and HIV. Their friendship is tested as each of them faces […]

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  • Real Life Real Theatre

    Real Life Real Theatre

    “The SOURCE? Yeah, it was empowering because I felt that I had something, knowledge that could save my life, and if I could pass it on to someone else I could save theirs too. So it was empowering, just like getting self defense skills, just like getting psychological self-defense skills to defend yourself. I was damn thankful that I had it.” -Former SOURCE Member Save Save

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  • A “SOURCE” Of Life-saving Information

    A “SOURCE” Of Life-saving Information

    The young actors in The SOURCE receive extensive training in theatre, film acting, life skills, and sexuality education in order to give back to the community and the nation by becoming a “source” of life-saving information to their peers.

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  • we are the source

    we are the source

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  • A Prevention Program That Works

    A Prevention Program That Works

    Award-winning, innovative, and provocative, students, educators and administrators consistently evaluate The SOURCE as one of the most effective prevention programs in the nation. “In The SOURCE, young women and men can flourish emotionally, intellectually and professionally, while they simultaneously navigate the treacherous waters of inadequate sex education, underfunded and under- resourced classrooms, and vanishing arts programs.” — CUNY Graduate Research Center CUNY University New York, New York Save

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  • SOURCE Across the World

    SOURCE Across the World

    The SOURCE works with groups across the United States to create theatre and film productions that directly address issues that young people are dealing with today: bullying, gang violence, drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, HIV/AIDS, and sexually transmitted infections. Many of the plays are nationally published and are performed by groups in the US, Canada, England and Australia.  Our plays, films, and PSA’s are seen by hundreds of thousands of young people through performances on stage, […]

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