SOURCE PRODUCTIONS is proud of our award-winning film program that reaches thousands of audiences both nationally and internationally each year.  Our films have premiered in Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto, Las Vegas, Boston, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Florida, and most recently at the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival.  The SOURCE has also created a ten episode web series about college life and develops innovative public service announcements for television and the internet that deal with vital issues that impact young adults. Dealing with topics such as HIV/AIDS, drug overdose, and sexually transmitted infections, The SOURCE has won numerous Addy Awards and a Judge’s Choice Award for excellence in creative advertising in public service.



SURVIVING LUNCH is a new feature film about a teenage girl named Gabriella who moves to Florida after a terrible tragedy tears her family apart.  As she tries to recover from her grief, Gabriella notices a young boy being relentlessly bullied in the lunchroom and begins a dangerous quest to stop the most violent boy in school.  Winner of BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at the Sarasota Film Festival and the Fort Myers Film Festival, SURVIVING LUNCH is a powerful film about what it means to be a teenager in America RIGHT NOW.





THE FIRST TIME CLUB is a new feature film about four friends in a secret world of adventure, love, and betrayal.  Beginning in innocent childhood, their world explodes as they dare each other into increasingly wild adventures.  Their friendship is torn apart when one of them becomes infected with HIV.





BOOST is a short film about a college boy named Jake Peterson- a guy who  knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Sometimes you just need a little boost – whether it’s in class, at the gym, or with the ladies. But what happens when that boost goes too far?  This short film explores the issue of consent and sexual assault.

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THE HOLDING CELL  tells the story of one teenage girl’s freefall into the harrowing world of prescription drug abuse and addiction.  Based on true stories about real teenagers in Sarasota, Florida, THE HOLDING CELL begins as Skylar Thompson is dragged kicking and screaming into the county jail. As Skylar spends the night locked in a holding cell, she relives her dangerous romance with a teenage drug dealer, desperately trying to unravel the tangled web of her darkest days.  THE HOLDING CELL toured film festivals across the United States and also premiered in Toronto.




WHEN THE PARTY ENDS is an exciting, short film about a group of GLBTQ friends exploring life, love, and relationships in a world where being in love, can mean risking it all. Set in an upscale nightclub in Sarasota, Florida, When the Party Ends begins as Anthony returns home from New York after being exposed to HIV. As Anthony desperately looks for a sense of safety from his fears, he seeks out his first love, an old boyfriend from high school. When the Party Ends was created and produced by SOURCE PRODUCTIONS, an award-winning film and theatre production company from Sarasota, Florida.  When the Party Ends has been seen at film festivals in the US, France, and Canada and is now being featured on Revry, ( a new online streaming site for GLBT content.

Co-written by Frankie LaPace and KT Curran, When the Party Ends was based on true stories taken from numerous focus groups conducted with the GLBTQ communities in New York City, Sarasota, Florida, New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

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