We Are The SOURCE!



SOURCE Productions is an exciting, educational touring theatre and video production company for young adults (ages 14-30) that has been based in Sarasota, Florida for over thirty years.  Created and produced in 1981, The SOURCE is a vital educational resource for both the local and national community.  The SOURCE creates innovative theatre, film and videos that directly respond to the needs of youth and young adults.   Award-winning, innovative, and provocative, students, educators and administrators consistently evaluate The SOURCE as one of the most effective prevention programs in the nation.






The volunteer actors in The SOURCE Theatre receive extensive training in theatre, film acting, life skills, and sexuality education in order to give back to the community and the nation by becoming a “source” of life-saving information to their peers.  The SOURCE is unique in that, not only is it a safe place for positive identity development, it also is a training ground for professional acting. Many of the hundreds of SOURCE alum have gone on to professional careers in theatre, film, psychology, teaching, social work, and law enforcement.







The SOURCE is directed by award-winning playwright and film director, KT Curran. As Director/Producer, KT has had the pleasure of building The SOURCE from a small group of youth into a large, nationally recognized theatre and film company that reaches thousands of adult and youth audiences each year. KT is committed to producing work that helps illuminate and shine a light on the issues and concerns of young people.

A nationally published playwright, screenwriter, editor, and actress, KT Curran has worked extensively in theatre and film for over twenty-five years, performing and directing nationally and internationally.  KT has written twenty-five plays, five films, a web series, commercials and several documentaries for young adults. Eleven of KT’s plays and screenplays are nationally published and performed by groups across the United States. In addition to her work as an Equity actress, director and playwright, KT serves as a national consultant to groups around the country who are interested in doing educational theatre and film with and for youth.