Here’s what students, teachers, and administrators are saying about The SOURCE:

IMG_2127“The talent and commitment of The SOURCE Theatre cannot be overstated.”

-United Way of Sarasota County




IMG_0151“The students were under a spell, on the edge of their seats. Not a sound during the performance. Afterwards my kids were overflowing with their own stories. This should be seen by 7th and 8th grades also!”

-Teacher, Venice Middle School



DSC_0032“The talent, dedication, and hard work everyone put into this group were evident by the standing ovation following the performance. The SOURCE is a great medium for reaching out and helping the youth of today. The group was the highlight of our conference.”

-Big Brothers/Big Sisters



three eos

“My reaction is stunned and surprised how easy it is to get HIV.”

-student, Riverview High School





freefall poster“During the entire play I could not take my eyes off the stage. It made me think. Going too far with a guy can have some unbelievable consequences. Your SOURCE Teen Theatre radically affected my outlook on sex.”

-student, Sarasota Middle School



1601599_10202219905273019_1439595568_n“The play made me realize how precious life is, and how one bad decision can affect the rest of your life. You only have one life, so now I am convinced to stop and think about every decision that I need to make.”

-student, Sarasota Middle School



First Time Club - email size“The play really made me think about a lot of the things I have done and do and the things that my friends do. It really touched me and helped me a lot. I realize that we have probably made mistakes, and for me I know that I have to be careful now. The play kinda scared me, but that was good because it made me think and I needed to do that.”

-student, Pine View School



read my lips cartoon“Thank you for the fabulous presentation of “Read My Lips.” Since the play I have had at least 3 different groups of students share similar stories about the popularity power some of their peers have in school…..This play was an excellent opportunity for our students to have open discussions about their situation and feel empowered to make changes, if needed. Thanks again for all you do with our character education program. This continues to be our students favorite part.”

-6th and 7th grade School Counselor, Pine View School


three beautiful girls“This is a very big issue in middle school. I am a big fan of the SOURCE Teen Theatre and love your work. The students responded very well because it was so real to them. After the performance we forgot about class (science) and addressed the issues to discuss.”

-Teacher, Pine View School


IMG_1291“The subject matter and the presentation really hit home with our students, and the plays help them to see the possible consequences of their actions.”

Steven A. Hazuda,Program Director, YMCA



26244_399079532149_595242149_4971730_3413285_n“The SOURCE accurately and profoundly depicted the pressure teens face with freedom, responsibility, and consequences.”

-Florida’s Commission on Responsible Fatherhood



First Time Club - email size“We sincerely appreciate your creative approach to reaching teens. Your
HIV/AIDS prevention efforts really make a difference to Sarasota County.”

Judit Illyes, Sarasota County Health Department