When the Party Ends

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When the Party Ends (www.whenthepartyends.com) is a new, short film about a group of GLBT friends, exploring life, love, relationships, and HIV. Set in Sarasota, Florida, When the Party Ends begins as Anthony, a hip young man in his early twenties, returns home from New York after being exposed to HIV. As Anthony desperately looks for a sense of safety from his fears, he seeks out his first love, an old boyfriend from high school.



  1. Many many Congratulations to KT and all of your team for having this short film ACCEPTED TO THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL for 2015! Everyone should look for this in the short film corner at Cannes!!!

    • director says:

      Thank you so much Jeanne! We are accepted to the Short Film Corner at Cannes (not the competition part,) and we can’t wait to go!

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